Integrity can build the trust. Trust is the fundation of the business. This is most important business principle. We always keep promise to our employees, business partners and customers. We never evade our responsibility.

Service: Service is about how people help each other and can make this world a better place. In the endless pursuit of customer satisfication, we always handle the issues at customer's position.


Sharing creates mutual benefits .  The profit of company relies on the endeavor of both its employees and business partners.  Through sharing can enhance the loyalty, ,make business grow, and partnership last. 

Founder  Michael Chen
Taipei Machinery Business Related Association - 1st and 2nd term president.
The Chinese Commercial & Industrial Co-ordination Society - Chairman 
Life Philosophy:
In pursuit of the perfect balance among physical health, family happiness and successful career.  Wealth can only be considered as a tool to achieve dreams and goals rather than accomplishment, a temporary keeping rather than permanent posession.

Guided by our vision of integrity, service and sharing, we believe that we are able to achieve satisfaction between customers, staffs and board members.

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