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Yiomau Mechanicals, established in 1977, was specialized in electric hoist and over-head crane construction. In 2003, we have set up a factory in Bihn Duong, South Viet-nam and in Bac Giang, North Vietnam in 2008. 

We provide customers detailed plan and accurate statistics for power distribution, archi-tectural height and secured strength model from the early stage of factory planning to the completion of the factory.  We will design the most cost-effective facility according to the specification of each product line and understand the customer needs.

Providing good quality material, dedicating to the after-sales-service and achieving customer satisfaction are our main priority, which are recognized by many of the major international enterprises in Vietnam today.

Product Variety

  • Specialized Crane (Gantry, Explosion Proof, Magnetic Crane etc...)  
  • Double Rail Trolley
  • Freight Elevator

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DONG NHI, LAI THIEU, THUAN AN DIST.,                                                                                                                          BinhDuong, South Vietnam. 

TEL: +84-650-759-623
FAX: +84-650-759-946

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