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Factory Line System  

Safe and Reliable Wiring System

  • Factory line is in ingenious design. Suitable for ready-made factories car assembly lines electronics plants computer rooms and so on. Traditionally messy wiring is completely abolished which brings a sense of freshness
  • Pre-buried wires are not necessary so that working period can be shortened. Power sources are situated from top to bottom in order to save space. Lightening can be installed additionally. Single rail provides various purposes.
  • Factory line can be installed with outlets or lights freely. Casual matches are made without any tool.
  • Choices of reel unit length are: 1M 2M and 3M. Outlet joiner assembles are abundant and com-plete to be reused everlastingly.



Voltage 125V 300V
Amperage 20A 30A 60A 90A
Phases 2P+E 4P+E 3P+2P+E

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