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The Aboundi ADK4200 VersatileWire™ Inductive Coupler kit is an accessory which enables data injection or retrieval of signal traversing on the low voltage line within the premise wiring. It is designed to interface with either TurboSpeed™ or UltraSpeed™ APL4200 or APL2400 NetBridge™ devices.

The simplicity of clamping the signal cable to the electrical facility wiring within the building allows a quick and yet none intrusive method of data interface and hence lower the Total Cost of Deployment (TCD) with the ease of various adaptive applications.

None intrusive data signal inject / retrieve without interrupting line connection.
Designed for UltraSpeed™ and TurboSpeed™ series applications.
Easy to deploy
Support two or three phase low voltage lines up to 480 VAC
BNC or Two-Prong connector interface for simple connections


‧ Connector : 2-Prong Type 2.35
‧ Cable Type : SPT-2
‧ Length : 130 cm
‧ Impedance : 50 ohm

‧ Connector : BNC Type Male
‧ Cable : RG58/U
‧ Length : 130 cm
‧ Impedance : 75 ohm

‧ Temperature
     Operating : -0 ~ +70°C/ +32 ~ +158°F
     Storage : -40 ~ +80°C/ -40 ~ +176°F
‧ Humidity
     Operating : 10 ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
     Storage : 0 ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)

ADK4200-001-xx 2-Prong Type Inductive Coupler Kits
ADK4200-002-xx BNC Type Inductive Coupler Kits

xx=01 Single Phase coupler
xx=02 2-Phase coupler
xx=03 3-Phase coupler

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