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Busbars offer efficient flexible and adaptable power distribution for a number of uses - for example in-ceiling lighting and heat rising mains distribution for factory workstations and machinery or even power transportation. See the multiple applications in commercial retail warehousing and industrial settings .


Busbars offer a number of advantages to those constructing a workplace for the 21st century:

  • Simple and quick to install
    • Modular systems including click-fit construction
  • "Plug and play" power distribution
    • Regular connection tap off points
  • Highly cost effective
    • Reduced up-front labour costs and minimal churn costs
  • Low maintenance and exceptionally reliable
    • Robust fixed trunking enclose rigid copper or aluminium conductors
  • Flexible decentralised distribution system
    • Acts as elongated distribution board

Voltage 230V  /  415V
Amperage 20A  / 40A
Phases 2P+PE 3P+PE 4P+PE (DUAL) / 4P +PE(34W)

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